How Digital Marketing Strategy Can Boost Your ROI?

What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

With Digital Marketing Strategy, you create a series of actions that are going to help you achieve your objectives with the help of online marketing techniques such as PPC, SEO, Content Marketing, Web Analytics, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

Without a Digital Marketing Strategy, you cannot take advantage of the growing opportunities in the online industry. To get the best out of digital marketing, one needs a strategy to bring in all the elements together in the right proportion.

How Will an Effective Digital Strategy Help You?

It will ensure that you take the right decisions to make a company successful online.

A digital marketing strategy framework will help you give logical sequence to follow and ensure inclusion of all key areas of strategy development and implementation.

Digital Marketing Strategy Tips

  1. Mobile-Focused Approach

Many marketers fail to deliver a good experience via mobile and this leads to downgrading their businesses. You are only hurting your brand if you don’t have a mobile-friendly experience. You can check the mobile-readiness of your site by checking out Google’s mobile-friendly test.

  1. Don’t Annoy your Clients

The attention span of humans is less than 2.8 seconds. Therefore, if you wish to attract and keep customers, keep your engagement simple and add value to your offerings.

Monitor what your customers are doing and talking about and engage with them when they are ready.

  1. Engagement Should be Easy and Obvious

Your customers should immediately see and understand what is expected of them when you are providing them with information, asking for a sign-up or promoting a product.

With an effective digital marketing strategy, you will be to engage customers easily. You should have an extremely easy to find and complete a call to action button or CTA.

Here’s a visual representation of digital marketing strategy that will help you boost your Return on Investment (ROI). You will need to customize this digital marketing strategy example to suit your goals.a-visual-digital-marketing-strategy-to-improve-your-roi-011

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Review of Digital Vidya’s Digital Marketing Certification Course

Digital Vidya: What is it?

Digital Vidya, Asia’s leading digital marketing training companies, was started in 2009 as a self-funded company by IIT-Delhi alumni and serial entrepreneurs, Pradeep Chopra, and Kapil Nakra. Based in New Delhi, India, the giant digital marketing training company

Based in New Delhi, India, the giant digital marketing training company has contributed to the success of over 12,500 professionals representing 6200 organizations across 25 countries through 750+ digital marketing training programs (as of April 2016). Well, these numbers are definitely continuing to become bigger and better!

Being partnered with the Government of India in support of the Vskills certification and testing program, Digital Vidya trains Google’s and Microsoft’s partners in India.

How did it start?

The two IIT Delhi pass-outs had been working together since 2000, having realized the power of digital media via the sale of an earlier venture using SEO (Search Engine Optimization). From giving friends informal digital marketing advice, they decided to create a formal training program to spread the knowledge about digital marketing.

In 2015, Digital Vidya acquired Digital Academy India, a competitor founded in August 2012.

Digital Vidya’s Flagship Course: CDMM

The Certified Digital Marketing Course (CDMM) is certified by the Indian government and there is no minimum educational qualification to qualify this course.

Topics covered under CDMM

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Inbound Marketing

This online training program will help you learn and understand:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (12 hrs) –how to get a website listed among top search engine results.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) (12 hrs)– how to effectively run ads on Search Engines.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) (15 hrs) – how to build a brand, generate leads & aggregate audience on Social Media.
  • E-mail Marketing (12 hrs) – how to effectively build your users lists, deliver e-mails & generate relevant clicks.
  • Web Analytics (12 hrs)– how to make business decisions from the metrics available in Digital Media.
  • Inbound Marketing (12 hrs) – how to attract as well as convert customers by earning their trust through various techniques such as content marketing.

Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

Who can take it?

We see digitization amalgamating in our day to day life. Need to buy a dress? Shop online. Wish to advertise? Go for Google AdWords ad.

To be honest, anyone and everyone can take up a digital marketing course nowadays. In fact, it has become so important to have digital knowledge because these trends are going to overpower almost everything in the next few months or years.

Benefits of CDMM course to different fields

Marketing Professional

One of the most sought after skills in any field (media, communication, PR, etc) without the knowledge of digital marketing, you will be left behind in this career.

Sales Professional

People from sales profession literary pour in to take up digital marketing course. But why?

  • Entry level sales professionals wish to take Digital Marketing as a career.
  • Career growth for experienced professionals.
Entrepreneur or Business Owner

Every business owner wants to acquire new customers and this can be done only by growing their Internet user base which is achieved none other by digital medias.


Digital Marketing being one of the best-paid jobs and the most satisfying ones today, it is preferable among students who wish to start their career in this field.

Duration of the course

Being a 3 to 6 months long course, you will learn almost everything about the digital world in Rs 49,900/ + Taxes.

Why should you take Digital Vidya’s Digital Marketing Course?

  • An online instructor-led training is implemented
  • There is flexibility with choosing training as weekend, weekday or a combination of both
  • The certifications offered are recognized by the Government of India, Google, and HubSpot

The only con

  • Some find the course a bit pricey.

Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

What Participants at Digital Vidya feel

Sameer Salvi (completed course on 19th April 2015)

“Well, I can confidently say that I have covered and learned all the aspects of Traditional & Digital Marketing, though I will be upgrading my knowledge every time given a chance by my mentors I can confidently stand in a crowd and say that I have been certified by India’s best & Finest Digital marketing Institute…Digital Vidya, which would certainly help me in growing up the ladder in my career & finding new opportunities to be successful.”

Satish Kharabe (Completed course in 2015)

“The fact that Digital Vidya offered fee return offer if not satisfied after first session showed their confidence and was very convincing.  As I see it today, after 17 months of taking that decision, I am glad that I chose Digital Vidya as my digital education & career mentor.”

Manu Sankar Das, Digital Marketing professional in the Middle East

“My faith in this mode of learning has only strengthened after attending the CDMM course and now I have enrolled for the Growth Hacking course. This online format transcends geographies, time zones and has been a great source of learning for me. I look forward to attending more such courses with Digital Vidya.”

Upon asking for suggestions, Manu said

“I really enjoyed the sessions and the only change I would like to recommend is to have a few more hands on sessions and more exercises to further strengthen the concepts being taught. Maybe a project at the end of the module where the participants get to apply the learnings from the course.”

Post which Digital Vidya has added 14 special sessions in it’s already 6 major sessions to enhance the understanding of the participants and let them gain experience in the same.

What Industry Experts says about Digital Vidya

Here is a list of top 5 reviews for Digital Vidya…

Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO, Social Wavelength

“A person coming up with Digital Vidya’s certifications will have a good background, and can start quicker. We will surely give preference to candidates with CSMMP accreditation for entry level positions at Social Wavelength.”

Mahesh Murthy, Founder, Pinstorm

“Digital Vidya’s certifications covers all aspects of Digital Marketing at reasonable depth. We favour Digital Vidya’s certified professionals for all Openings at Pinstorm”

Apurva Chamaria, Head Of Global Brand & Digital Marketing, HCL Tech

“Digital Vidya is playing an important role in increasing awareness and knowledge about digital marketing in India. I respect companies like yours which provide relevant and updated knowledge to people who will be able to build something out of it.”

Alokedeep Singh, Head E-Commerce, Titan Company Limited

“There is a huge gap in recruiting talented individuals with digital knowledge in Indian Social media industry. Digital Vidya with its training courses have helped bridged the gap, helping individuals to learn basics of digital media marketing.”

Puneet Bhatia, ex-CMO, Foodpanda

“Letting people know about Digital Marketing is an important thing, especially in  a country like India, where people are still bound to those traditional approaches and living in traditional education trades. Giving Gyan (knowledge) about the new technology (Digital Marketing), Online, is real ice-breaking. With your help, businesses can get trained staff, which will be productive for business from Day 1.”

Why  join pioneers: Digital Vidya

Being India’s largest digital marketing training company, Digital Vidya offers almost everything you are looking for in a digital marketing training institute. Take the first session for digital marketing course! Still not satisfied? 100% money back guarantee if Digital Vidya fails to live up to your expectations.

Best Digital Marketing Course In Dubai: Top 10 Training Courses

It wouldn’t be an overstatement when we say Digital Marketing has swept us off our feet. You must be acquainted with the impressive statistics released recently. According to Virgin Media Report, 1,50,000 digital jobs are predicted by 2020. With the growing trends, there has been a significant increase in demand for both general digital marketing skills and specialist skills.



The largest number of job listings for digital marketing keyword was ‘Social media’, followed by ‘digital marketing’, ‘SEO’, and ‘Google Analytics’.

Digital Marketing in UAE

With over 100 plus digital agencies in the UAE, there are more than 227 online marketing agencies and web designs operating business in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council which includes 6 Middle Eastern Countries).

Google Trends for Digital Marketing In India Vs Digital Marketing In Dubai

Google Trends for Digital Marketing In India Vs Digital Marketing In Dubai

Though there is overlap in the types of services provided, most of the firms have created their foundation in the marketplace. They are well known and pioneers in specific skills. Dubai is showing growing trends with respect to Digital Marketing Courses though the rate of growth is not as much as in India.

Skills demanded by most organization in UAE

  • Software Development
  • Internet Marketing
  • Web design and Development
  • Trainings
  • Search Media Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization

Other than the above-mentioned skills, they require skills in specific industries such as Banking, Government sector, Hospitality, Communication and Technology, Publications, Health & Fitness, TV, Radio, Real Estate, SMEs, Education, and Events.

New Marketing Tools in UAE

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Websites
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Social Media
  • Pay per Clicks
  • Google AdWords

Digital Marketing Skills in the UAE

Being a diverse industry, digital marketing provides different services to people. Most sought after digital marketing Skills in the UAE are:

  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Web Development
  • Video
  • Business Applications
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content
  • PPC Management
  • Social Media Management

Trends in Dubai Industry

There are two reasons why digital marketing in UAE is growing.

1. Downsizing and Contracting Out

Demand for digital marketing services is on a rise as companies are moving towards downsizing and contracting work out that was previously done in-house.

2. Businesses need specialized digital marketing services


Search Volume for Digital Marketing in UAE (From May 2016 to April 2016)

As corporate downsizing has resulted in the exclusion of many managers. Many of them start their own businesses or become consultants. Therefore, in order to succeed, they require specialized digital consulting services.

With the increasing demand, the supply for digital marketer and specialist is not sufficient. This has given rise to the demand of digital marketing courses in Dubai (UAE). For this purpose, we have come up with a list of digital marketing course providers in Dubai on the basis of public reviews, a variety of services provided by them, authenticity, and certification.

Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses In Dubai (UAE)

Here is the list of top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in UAE/Middle East:

Digital Vidya Digital-Vidya-Logo

With its headquarter in Delhi, Digital Vidya has its presence in various cities of India as well as internationally including Dubai. It is Asia’s leading digital marketing training company. Also, it was the first to launch a Social Media Marketing Course series in India.

Trainings offered by Digital Vidya

With over 750 Digital Marketing training programs conducted by Digital Vidya, they have given training to 6,500 plus students and professionals from more than 2,500 institutes and organizations like Google, Naukri, Citibank, Cisco, eBay, IIM Lucknow, Star TV, IIM Ahmedabad, Toyota and many more renowned names.


At the end of completion of Social Media, Digital Marketing, and Mobile Marketing, they provide certificates which are in association with V-Skills, a Government of India initiative.

Courses offered by Digital Vidya

Along with customized Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing workshops for corporates, they also provide certification courses in

  1. Inbound Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Social Engine Marketing (SEM)
  4. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  5. Web Analytics
  6. Mobile App Marketing Course
  7. Growth Hacking
  8. Email Marketing

Certified Digital Marketing Master Course (CDMM) is their flagship program which is preferred the most because of the comprehensive syllabus provided in the field of digital marketing. The course duration is of 6 months which could be adjusted as per participant’s convenience. There is a 100% money back guarantee if in case you didn’t like the first-day training session.

With active placement cell, Digital Vidya should definitely be in this list of digital marketing course in Dubai (UAE).

Digital Academy India Digital_Academy_India_logo

Its headquarter located in Delhi, Digital Academy India has its presence in Dubai along with Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. Recently acquired by Digital Vidya, Digital Academy India has trained 5,000 plus people in digital marketing till date.

Courses offered by DAI in Digital Marketing

A certification program in digital marketing is offered by DAI, which is their flagship course with two short term courses. Modules in ‘program in digital marketing’ are:

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  3. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  4. SMM (Search Media Marketing)
  5. Mobile Marketing
  6. Web Analytics
  7. Affiliate Marketing
  8. Digital Display Advertising
  9. YouTube Advertising
  10. Integrated Digital Marketing Communications (IMC)
  11. Website Optimization and Usability
  12. Lead Generation for Business
  13. Email Marketing

With so many options available, these courses are conducted via Online Instructor-Led classes. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about being physically present to learn digital marketing skills.


Taking 54 hours of training to complete these modules, they offer a Google Certified Professional (GCP) which the participant receives after passing the GCP exam.

The Digital Marketing Institute thedigitalmarketing

Having its presence in Dubai too, the digital marketing institute has given digital certification to over 15,000 people from 80 countries. This has made DMI qualification as digital certification standard in the world. They collaborate with global digital experts in order to define and develop the qualifications and skills required in the market.

Key features of DMI

  • Flexible study options
  • An industry-validated syllabus
  • Up-to-date industry knowledge
  • Internationally recognized accreditation
  • Training from leading digital experts

Courses Offered by DMI

The DMI has bifurcated its digital marketing courses on the needs of the participants. There are different courses for people coming from different backgrounds in order to suit their requirements.

For Business Owners And Business Manager
  • Masters in Digital Marketing
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
For Sales Professionals and Marketing Professionals
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Professional Diploma in Digital Selling
For Recent Graduate
  • Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing
Changing Career
  • Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Professional Diploma in Digital Strategy and Planning
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

These  courses could be taken up by the participant as full time, part time, or online as per their convenience.

DM3 Institute (The Digital Marketing Institute Middle East) DM3

Offering Digital Marketing and Social Media Certification programs in the Middle East, DM3 Institute is internationally recognized.  It has its physical presence in Dubai and Riyadh. They emphasis on digital marketing as a key strategic business tool.

Formerly known as the digital marketing institute Middle East, offers various types of courses in digital marketing and social media. The course includes professional certifications, diploma, and degrees in digital marketing. There are 12 expert trainers with years of experience who lead their training.

Courses offered by DM3 Institute

There are 3 courses offered by this internationally recognized institute

Diploma in Digital Marketing

There are 8 topics in digital marketing course which gives candidates a foundation that they would need in the digital world. This 5-day course is led by experts in the digital industry.

Social Media Marketing Certificate

It is a 3 Day Course which is a comprehensive course that covers the following topics:

  1. Setting the Social Media Scene
  2. Listening, Research, and Strategy
  3. Content Creation & Inbound Marketing
  4. Writing for Business Blogs
  5. YouTube Business Channel
  6. Facebook For Business
  7. LinkedIn Marketing
  8. Google+
  9. Twitter For Business
  10. Instagram, Pinterest, and Other Visual Media
  11. Engagement, Monitoring, and Measurement
  12. Putting your Social Strategy into Place
Corporate Training

Customized courses are offered to the organizations depending on their needs from half a day to full week training on digital marketing and social media.

The course fee for digital marketing diploma is $1,450. DM3 Institute Diploma courses are validated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

SEO international

Founded by Najam Ahmed, an inbound and digital marketing consultant, SEO international is a division of Al Wafaa Group. SEO International is a Dubai-based firm providing Digital Marketing Training. Partnered with Google, it offers online marketing courses as well as in-house training. Some of its customers are UAE Exchange, Gulf News, Manipal University, EPOC Messe Frankfurt GmbH, Dubai Women’s College, Okaz Organization, InfoFort, etc to name a few.

Courses by SEO International

They offer online marketing short courses as well as in-house training sessions.

Digital Marketing Training
  1. Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Google AdWords & Google Analytics
  3. Social Media Marketing- Strategy, tips, and tools
  4. Self-hosted WordPress Blogging & Facebook for Business
  5. Self-hosted WordPress Blogging & LinkedIn for Business
  6. Twitter & Google+ for Business
  7. 3-Day Inbound, Content, Social & Digital Marketing Training

They provide digital marketing, SEO, and Social Media Marketing courses via offline method too. This could be taught in the weekend as well as weekday batches. The program fee is of AED 2,495.  As of now, they are offering Online Marketing Courses in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, and Sharjah. However, they organize in-house training courses anywhere in the Middle East.

Delphi Star Training Center logo11-300x300

The search for Digital Marketing Certification in Dubai cannot end without taking into consideration Delphi Star Training Center. With their in-class program, they cover all the aspects of PPC, SEO, Social Media Marketing & Email Marketing. Other than Digital Marketing Course, Delphi also conducts other professional certification courses.

Job Prospects After Delphi’s Digital Marketing Certification

  1. SEO Manager
  2. Digital Marketing Manager
  3. SEM Specialist
  4. Social Media Specialist
  5. Digital Sales Executive
  6. Web Analytics
  7. Email Marketer
  8. Freelancer on projects

This being classroom-based learning program is covered in 50 hours of time duration.

Perennial Technologies seo-training-dubai

Having its head office in Dubai (UAE), it also has its presence in India. Perennial Technologies is one of the leading companies in Dubai that offer digital marketing training across UAE. It has developed a series of 1-day workshops which covers major areas of Digital Marketing like Email Marketing, SEO, Social Media Strategy, Google Analytics, etc.

Digital Marketing Course By Perennial Technologies

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Social Media Strategy
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Blogging with WordPress
  6. Facebook Marketing
  7. Internet Marketing
  8. Paid Search (Google AdWords)
  9. Twitter For Business
  10. LinkedIn For Business
  11. Google+ For Business

They also provide in-house training courses as well.

ISM Training Dubai ism.logo

Established in 1998 in UAE, ISM Training is one of the best providers of digital marketing courses in Dubai. They have UK based instructors who have global and regional experience of over 25 years. Their trainers come from organizations like ‘The Chartered Institute of Marketing’. They offer many training and courses but there are two main digital marketing courses offered by ISM Training Dubai. They are discussed below:

Introduction to Digital Marketing Essentials

Participants will gain knowledge about

  • The Value of Digital Marketing
  • Key digital tools to enhance marketing.
  • Linking digital marketing tactics to achieving marketing objectives.
  • Successful On Page and off Page SEO.
  • Why content marketing and link building are at the heart of modern marketing?

It provides practical and in-depth knowledge around digital marketing tools and opportunities. You will gain knowledge about SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Website Marketing, and Landing pages.

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

A three-day intensive workshop on Social Media Marketing from ISM Dubai is one of the most sought after training. Since it provides information on

  • The most effective social media tactics
  • The best way to locate and engage your ideal target audience.
  • The best social media management tools to use your precious time effectively.
  • The awesome power of advertising for sales and brand awareness.
  • How to measure your Return on Effort (ROE)

It doesn’t matter if you are new in digital marketing or a seasoned professional, these courses help to look into current trends. The Digital Marketing Essentials ranges from 6,800 Dhs to 21,760 depending upon the needs of the participants.

Informa Middle East iirme-logo

Formerly known as IIR Middle East, Informa has regional experience of over two decades in managing all types of business events. They provide customized training solutions. Having 20 years of experience, they are one of the best corporate training solutions provider.

Courses/Training Offered by Informa

They master majorly in social media marketing area covering Instagram and Facebook via their classroom program of social media marketing. The program fee is $3695. It covers the following content:

  • State Of Facebook In The Region
  • Platform basics
  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Content Best Practice
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Direct Response Best Practice
  • Facebook Targeting 
  • Facebook Measurement 
  • Instagram Marketing

Another training offered by them is ‘Measuring ROI For Social Media’ which is a comprehensive course that covers areas like monitoring, tracking, and calculating the ROI of Social Media across various platforms like Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter etc.

Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

Cambridge Marketing College cambridge marketing college.logo

One of the leading European Colleges, Cambridge Marketing College was established in 1991. It has its presence in various parts of the world including Dubai. With a faculty of over 45 tutors and fellow, they have trained over 1,200 delegates from around the world. Along with the training to participants, they offer a specialized in-house program for our corporate clients.

Courses Offered By Cambridge Marketing College

They offer Modular Awards, Short & Day courses, and Online Courses.

Online Courses
  • Social Media Course
  • Digital PR Course
  • Digital Copywriting Course
  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Search Engine Optimization Foundations
  • Search Engine Optimization Advanced
  • User Experience Design (UX) Course
  • Content Marketing Course
Modular Awards
  • CIM Award in Digital Marketing (Single Module of the Certificate in Professional Marketing)
  • CIM Award in Digital Strategy (Single Module of the Certificate in Professional Marketing)
  • CAM Award in Mobile Marketing
  • CAM Award in Web Analytics and Social Media Monitoring
Short Courses and Day Courses
  • Digital Marketing
  • B2B Social Media

Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai: Which to choose?

Since there is an increasing demand for skilled digital marketers and professional in Dubai (UAE), we have come up with best institutes providing digital marketing courses in Dubai. You can choose according to your requirements and needs.

Which institute you think is best for you? Have we missed any institute that should be in this list?

Digital Vidya announces Ask Digital Vidya – a Digital Marketing Helpline

Digital Vidya headquartered in Delhi, is a digital marketing education firm that has announced the launch of an online digital marketing helpline platform, ‘Ask Digital Vidya’. The portal was earlier running in the closed beta version for selective users and was launched in February 2016.

Aimed at Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Students, Ask Digital Vidya is a community of digital marketing enthusiasts and experts, who are committed to contributing to each other’s growth. A number of digital marketing thought leaders such as Mahesh Murthy, Sanjay Mehta are already contributing to this platform as Mentors.

What Ask Digital Vidya Offers?

Ask Digital Vidya host discussions around a variety of digital marketing topics such as SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Growth Hacking, Web Analytics and Jobs & Careers. Since the launch in private beta, over 150 active discussions across various categories have emerged.

Digital Marketing Facts You Should Know

  • 95 % updates on Facebook wall posts remain unanswered by brands.
  • 80 % of online audience prefer watching a video rather than reading a text. 144 % opportunity of converting a customer exists when product video is added into the website.
  • 66 % of marketers believe that Digital Marketing is one of the best mediums to succeed
  • Videos fetch 267 % more links than usual posts.
  • Almost 26 % of marketing budgets are spent on content by B2B Marketers.


Digital Vidya was launched in 2009 by Pradeep Chopra, as a platform to solve queries related to various facets of digital marketing. As of April 2016, Digital Vidya has contributed to the success of over 12,500 professionals representing 6200 organizations across 25 countries through 750+ digital marketing training Programs.

Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

“Since 2009, when we launched Digital Vidya, we’ve been answering queries related to various facets of digital marketing. We realized that a very high % of these queries are repetitive or similar in nature. Moreover, we found that best answers to many of these queries are already available with other users, who are interested in helping others. While there are numbers of generic Q&A or discussion forum platforms such as Quora and few digital marketing related forums, there’s still a definite need for a digital marketing focused community,” said Pradeep.

Anyone who’s interested in learning & leveraging digital marketing for personal or organizational growth can sign-up for free to become part of Ask Digital Vidya community.

Top 10 Institutes for Mobile Marketing Courses

Mobile marketing is a domain, that helps any growing firm to expand their marketing stream in the best effective manner. With the increase in popularity of mobile networking in India, mobile marketing plays a vital role in the world of advertising. Mobile marketing nowadays, is considered as the bright future of

There is a wide range of unique mobile marketing techniues; Application based marketing, In-game mobile marketing, Mobile Image Ads, QR Codes, Location based marketing and many more. Any of these strategies can help you expand your market globally, by investing less and earning more.  

If we talk about the recent surveys, 40% of the internet users spend their time on mobile devices, which makes it obvious for any firm to adapt mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile Marketing Statistics

  • 4 out of 5 consumers in today’s era use smart phones.
  • 40% of shoppers shop through mobile applications
  • More than 78% of retailers are planning to invest in mobile marketing
  • In upcoming years, mobile is predicted to take over desktop marketing

Career Opportunities in Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is creating a buzz these days. With the jump in the number of mobile users, mobile marketing is simultaneously expanding its reach. Budding marketers nowadays, are searching for courses that offer a successful career in the field of mobile marketing. Listed below are the Top 10 Institutes that offer dedicated programmes for Mobile Marketing.

Digital Vidya

Since 2009, backed with an impressive experience of almost 6 years by now, Digital Vidya has become one of the leading Digital Marketing education firms in all-over Asia. Digital Vidya started its journey in 2009, and is the first one to launch effective social media marketing workshop series in India. Digital Vidya helps any thriving organization in scaling up their business through Digital Marketing, as they offer various customized Social Media and Digital Marketing workshops. They are India’s official training partners with Google and Microsoft. Most importantly, Digital Vidya has recently launched a 1-month online training Certified Mobile App Marketing (CMAM) Course, which is an instructor-led programme. This programme will help them understand and experience the opportunity of Mobile App Marketing, an emerging field of Mobile Marketing which is rapidly growing.


Another renowned institute for learning since 1981, NIIT offers Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing. They will help you explore mobile marketing as a broader term with their syllabus that focuses on practical learning programme, which enables the learners to grasp best skills and strategies. The main objective of this diploma programme is to make the learner understand mobile marketing plan, giving it a closer and a more clearer view through various activities and channels.

Market Motive

Market Motive is also a renowned online platform, which provides its learners with best online learning programmes. It targets the audience that is keen in learning from the popular authors and marketing professionals. If you are not only interested in learning mobile marketing but also to learn more about mobile devices, core mobile products and service offerings, then this course is a perfect select to invest in. This course will help the attendees of this course to expand their business circle through mobile marketing and advertising in the most effective form.

Digital Marketing Institute

If you are planing to establish your career in this domain of digital marketing, then Digital Marketing Institute is a perfect learning platform for your. This institute is considered as one of the most professional training institutes providing a special programme for mobile marketing: Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing. With the encroachment of mobile technology, the Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing is guaranteed to become the most beneficial courses for all those professionals who wish to not just expand but upgrade their marketing strategies with the help of a wide range of effective mobile marketing campaigns that are beneficial for learning as well as growth aspects.

Digital Academy India

Digital Academy India is yet another professional institute, which is situated in the capital and has been recently acquired by the professionals of leading marketing fraternity of Digital Vidya. Both institutes offer uniquely different marketing training programmes even after being launched at the same portal and profile, stated Pradeep Chopra, CEO, Digital Vidya. The mobile marketing course attended by the participants at Digital Academy India guarantees to make the attendees learn and understand the mobile marketing revolution and strategies.

Social Media Academy

With good 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing training since 2010, Social Media Academy offers a wide range of effective professional development and certification programme for personal growth and overall developments. They provide the attendees with proper 6-module online mobile marketing programme, which covers all aspects of marketing through mobile websites, mobile apps, SMS or texting, and many more.

Boot Camp Digital

The mobile marketing course that has been launched at Boot Camp Digital, offers a very easy and flexible marketing programme which makes the attendees learn the importance and need of the evolution of mobile marketing. Besides just the common course, this effectively designed mobile marketing course pattern will help the trainees to discover various new ways to optimize web, advertising, email and social strategy so that the brand reaches to masses through mobile phone activities.

Online Marketing Institute

As we all can see how the mobile marketing is creating a buzz, the current requirement of the digital world is to understand the niche and need of mobile networking. Mobile marketing training programme by OMI, will teach its attendees to maintain the number one position on social media platform. It will help the pursuing candidates to make the students learn how to thrive your business with mobile responsive design, mobile applications, Codes and much more.

Mobile Marketing Association

The Mobile Marketing Association; globally known as MMA is world’s leading international non-profit trade organisation accumulated with 800 member companies, from almost fifty countries in the existence. MMA offers the Mobile Certified Marketer programme, which will help the marketer or the trainee to learn and understand the niche of mobile marketing from a closer point of view. is an apt platform, which deals in mobile marketing domain by offering effective certified courses. From basic mobile marketing concepts to marketing strategies, guarantees to help your business grow. Such courses will not just help in implementing the techniques but also will make you work hard on the optimization of the effective strategy that are solely based on practical tactics.

Now, you can choose wisely among the best mobile marketing training institutes to acquire the best knowledge of mobile marketing, which plays a vital role in the field of digital marketing.

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Top 30 Digital Marketing Facts You Must Know

Digital Marketing has captured pace with the level of digitization in the current scenario. In 2015, digital marketing has become the need of any business. From marketing campaign to email and content marketing to social media marketing, Everything is becoming social. If you are involved in any marketing activity or in any business, Here are 30 digital marketing facts, trends and stats that every Digital marketer should know to create successful marketing campaigns in the information age.

Enlisted below are the top 30 digital marketing facts that every marketer and aspiring marketer must know:

  1. Now 78% of companies have a dedicated social media team for their business strategies.
  2. B2B purchasing decisions in general are taking longer and involving more people on the buying team. 58% of buyers say they spend more time researching than in the past; 53% rely more on peer recommendations and 65% said the winning vendor’s content had a significant impact.
  3. Blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchasing decisions than newspapers.
  4. Articles with photos get 94% more page views.
  5. One-third of all organic search clicks on Google are on the first result.
  6. 58% of your audience will stop watching your video within the first 90 seconds.
  7. 82% of hyper growth SMBs say social media is effective for generating new leads.
  8. Time spent on Facebook per hour spent online by country. Here are the top three.
  9. 71% of users access social media from a mobile device.
  10. Content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less.
  11. Facebook news feed retargeting ads had a click-through rate (CTR) 49 times higher than FB right-hand side ads and 21 times higher than standard web retargeting.
  12. 72% of all internet users are now active on social media.
  13. 60% of all social media traffic to business to business websites come from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  14. 61% of global Internet users research products online before buying.
  15. 71% of internet users are more likely to purchase from a brand that they are following on a social networking site such as Twitter or Facebook.
  16. Seventy-seven percent of buyers are more likely to buy from a company if its CEO uses social media.
  17. Americans spend 4X more time on mobile devices compared to newspapers and magazines.
  18. SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate.
  19. Nearly 40% of US companies use blogs for marketing purposes.
  20. 2% of marketers who blog daily acquired a customer using their blog, as opposed to 57% of marketers who blog monthly — which, by itself, is still an impressive result.
  21. 44% of online shoppers begin by using a search engine.
  22. 47% of Americans say Facebook is their #1 influencer of purchases.
  23. % of B2B marketers use social media in some form.
  24. Content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less
  25.  Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the most popular social networks with search engine marketers. The second-most popular tier includes YouTube, blogging and LinkedIn. The least popular major networks are Flickr, Tumblr and StumbleUpon.
  26. 92% of small businesses say that social media is an effective marketing technology tool. They are evenly split on the effectiveness of social media for attracting new customers vs. engaging existing customers.
  27. 53% of B2B buyers follow social discussions about vendors they are considering.
  28. YouTube has become the 2nd Largest Search Engine – bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask & AOL combined.
  29. Internet advertising will make up 25% of the entire ad spend in 2015.
  30. The vast majority of these users (95.5%) will be checking social sites on a smartphone, and smartphone users are about twice as likely as overall mobile phone users to do so this year.