Best Digital Marketing Course in Delhi: Top 10 Training Courses


Can you guess the global internet population? It is 3,368,556,888 at the moment with 10 new users being added every second! With the global internet population at over 3.4 billion, the growth is exponential. A career in Digital Marketing is booming and the demand is exceeding the supply! Growth of Digital Marketing in India About 40% […]

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Digital Vidya announces Ask Digital Vidya – a Digital Marketing Helpline


Digital Vidya headquartered in Delhi, is a digital marketing education firm that has announced the launch of an online digital marketing helpline platform, ‘Ask Digital Vidya’. The portal was earlier running in the closed beta version for selective users and was launched in February 2016. Aimed at Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Students, Ask Digital Vidya is a community of […]

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Best Business Analytics Course In India: Top 15 Courses

Data Analytics vs Business Analytics

The field of business analytics is constantly growing. New techniques and tools are being added while the older ones are being trashed frequently! The job of a business analyst is to analyze business or organization domain which could be hypothetical or real as well as document its business or processes and assess the business model. […]

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Top 5 Ways To Strengthen Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

With the increase in the number of Mobile Internet Users, it has become evident how mobile marketing is picking up the pace in today’s digital era. Mobile marketing is ruling the world of digital marketing. “Any marketing activity conducted through a ubiquitous network to which consumers are constantly connected using a personal mobile device”, states Andreas […]

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How To Make Trending Hashtags?


What is a #Hashtag? The hashtag is a kind of meta tag or label that we nowadays use on any social media platform to make it easier for all the users to find the messages based on a specific content or theme. Hashtags are also used for microblogging. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, are major […]

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Facebook Bug: Count The Views On Your Posts


Noticed and posted on Twitter by many operators this Wednesday, Facebook has come up with this interesting view count for posts technique. It has always been a secret how many people visited your page or profile and viewed your posts, but with the latest technological approach by Facebook it has generated a lot of anxiety amongst […]

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Top 7 Mobile Marketing Books

Mobile Marketing is commuting with your lead or customer via mobile device. It is one of the most simplest form of marketing techniques. Just by sending a simple marketing message, you can now introduce them to the new set of audience in a participation-based campaign and also permit your leads to visit a mobile website directly. Books on […]

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Top 10 Institutes for Mobile Marketing Courses


Mobile marketing is a domain, that helps any growing firm to expand their marketing stream in the best effective manner. With the increase in popularity of mobile networking in India, mobile marketing plays a vital role in the world of advertising. Mobile marketing nowadays, is considered as the bright future of marketing. There is a […]

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LinkedIn Messaging Now Has Emojis, GIFs & Stickers

LinkedIn which is the renowned business oriented social networking service has brought a new look to its messaging service by giving it a chat-like look. This new chat-like interface has much resemblance to the appearance of Facebook’s Messenger on desktop. Moreover, the conversation threads with people closest in your network or more engaged with are listed […]

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Facebook’s Moments App Creates Videos Automatically From Your Photos

Social media giant Facebook has recently rolled out Moments App. The social network’s recently launched photo-sharing app that aims to address the problem of getting friends to send & each other the photos they have been hoarding on their own phones, is expanding to video. The app which is going to be a private way […]

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