Facebook Blueprint Certification: What, Why & How

What is Facebook Blueprint Certification?

A new digital course program for training brands on best practices for marketing and advertising enterprise, Facebook Blueprint Certification is launching this September.

Being a new education program, it aims to train marketers and businesses on how to use Facebook, so that they can create campaigns in a better way to drive business results.

Currently, there are two certifications available. The two certifications being offered to digital advertisers are the Facebook Certified Buying Professional and the Facebook Certified Planning Professional.

Once you select the certification you wish to do, you can schedule and take two secure online exams in the privacy and convenience of your place.

Blueprint Certification Overview

With the Blueprint Certification, digital advertising professionals will have a badge to differentiate themselves in the job market. This certification helps in providing the advertising industry with a better understanding of advertising usage and adoption on the Facebook platform, hence increasing the ROI on ads.

Facebook Blueprint Certification helps small businesses and enterprises select and retain talent who has the knowledge of the Facebook platform which thus, increases the impact and effectiveness of advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Two Types of Facebook Blueprint Certification

  • Facebook Certified Planning Professional

This credential is awarded to digital advertising professionals who are proficient in planning successful Facebook Advertising campaigns. Following areas will be covered:

  1. Managing Facebook Pages
  2. Selecting and utilizing Facebook advertising objectives
  3. Targeting audiences for maximum impact
  4. Optimizing reach and frequency
  5. Fully utilizing Audience Insights
  6. Implementing planning strategy and best practices
  7. Thoroughly understanding how Facebook products can be tied into communication and advertising strategies.
  8. Understanding and learning from Facebook’s measurement solutions

In order to achieve this, you will have to take and pass the Exam 310-101: Facebook Advertising Core Competencies, and Exam 322-101: Facebook Certified Planning Professional.

  • Facebook Certified Buying Professional

This credential is given to digital advertising professionals who are proficient in creating and buying Facebook advertising for maximum campaign impact. Following areas will be demonstrated:

  1. Troubleshooting ad issues
  2. Leveraging consumer insights and the product catalog
  3. Understanding and testing the Facebook pixel and SDK
  4. Ad KPIs and reporting
  5. Improving performance and delivery via the ad auction
  6. Targeting audiences for maximum impact
  7. Managing, creating and purchasing Facebook ads
  8. Selecting and utilizing Facebook advertising objectives
  9. Expertly managing Facebook Pages

In order to achieve this credential, you will have to take and pass Exam 310-101: Facebook Advertising Core Competencies (This exam is a core requirement for all Blueprint Certifications), and Exam 321-101: Facebook Certified Buying Professional. The Facebook Certified Buying Professional exam will be available starting October, 2016.

Validity of Blueprint Certifications

All Blueprint certifications remain valid for 12 months. By the end of your certification period, you will have the opportunity to take a recertification exam and maintain your status for another 12 months.

Why Should I Go for Facebook Blueprint Certification?

Being a new global credentialing program for digital advertising professionals, FB Blueprint Certification is one of the best ways to set you apart in the marketing industry.

With an aim to offer valuable credentials that help your career and business growth, Facebook Blueprint Certification is designed to measure advanced-level competency in understanding and applying the skills required for Facebook advertisers.

Benefits of Blueprint Certification

Discussed below are some of the benefits you would have after earning Blueprint Certification:

1. Give your Career a Makeover

Since the digital world is dynamic and thus, evolving fast. This why, Blueprint has come up with most advanced-level program, Blueprint Certification. This certification recognizes advanced-level proficiency in the family of Facebook’s services and products.

2. Stand Apart from the Crowd

Becoming a Facebook Certified Professional is an accomplishment that will make you proud and you will receive a digital badge that’s verifiable digital badge that represents your credential online anywhere you choose to share.

It is easy to share the badge on Facebook and other social media.

Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

3. Easy Recognition

Blueprint Certifications have been designed to measure advanced-level competency in applying and understanding the skills required for the Facebook advertisers.

4. A Tick on your Certification Goals

In the upcoming months, there will be two certifications available as of now, i.e.

  • The Facebook Certified Planning Professional
  • The Facebook Certified Buying Professional

After selecting your certification path, you will be able to take and pass two proctored, secure exams. The design of these exams is in such a way that they rigorously measure advanced-level competency in understanding and applying the skills required for the specific job roles.

In most of the cases, the mode of the exam may be an online as per your convenience and privacy.

5. Share, Connect, and Build

After you become a Facebook Certified Professional, you will receive a digital badge that will substantiate your accomplishment. If you choose to share it on your networks, you will be uniquely verified online by anyone.

Also, you can post your Blueprint Certification badge on social media sites like Facebook, include it in your electronic resume, email signature, or embed it on your website/blog.

Where can I study for Facebook Blueprint Certification?

Facebook Resources

Blueprint offers training from campaign optimization and other domains. Also, there are how-to videos on Facebook for effective solutions of ad measurements. The e-learning center can be accessed via desktop as well as mobile phones with the user’s Facebook account.

How to Become Certified?

In order to be called a Blueprint Certified, you must take two secure, online proctored exams and achieve a passing score of 700 or higher or both. At the end of the exam, you will receive a score between 300 and 1000. You have to achieve a minimum of 700 scores to pass the exam. Your official score will be confirmed within 48 hours.

The number of questions for the Blueprint Certification Exam may vary, but the expected questions could be between 50 and 60 questions. You will have up to 75 minutes to answer all questions.

These exams have been designed in a way that it measures if you have the minimum required knowledge, competence, experience, and skills to meet the expectations of a credential individual. These exams are delivered online via Pearson VUE, a test delivery vendor.

What’s the Cost of the Exam?

Blueprint Certification exams will cost up to $150 US dollars. The actual exam fee of different countries will be displayed during the checkout process.

In India, the fees of Facebook Blueprint Exam will be INR 10,000 approximately. Therefore, it will be crucial to crack the test in the first attempt!

What if I fail the Exam?

If you pass the exam, woohoo! However, if you don’t, then don’t worry!

You can schedule a follow-up retake appointment. You must wait 30 days before retaking an exam. You can retake your exam as many times as you want but no more than once every 30 days. Also, the exam fee will remain the same.

Learn more about Facebook Blueprint Certification.


Overall, having the certification programs and continuing to grow and learn from brands will not only help you in your career growth but will also make you an asset for the company you are working. You will be irreplaceable!

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Facebook Bug: Count The Views On Your Posts


Noticed and posted on Twitter by many operators this Wednesday, Facebook has come up with this interesting view count for posts technique. It has always been a secret how many people visited your page or profile and viewed your posts, but with the latest technological approach by Facebook it has generated a lot of anxiety amongst all the Facebook users.

It is a cool feature, as it is interesting to see how many people saw your post on Facebook as compared to the other users posts. The feature gave a quick review to all the page owners, of the ratio of people who are actively following their page. It has made a major impact on the popularity constraints of many pages. Both by individual users and pages, there is a huge race that has begun.

The bug was only visible on the mobile site of Facebook and it was immediately taken into consideration by the Facebook authorities. It was confirmed and stated by a Facebook spokesperson to Mashable and The Verge, ” It is indeed a bug, and not a roll-out of a new feature. The view counts were only visible to a small number of people, and will be removed soon.” Though, it is visible to a very few percentage of people using Facebook, but will surely be removed soon from the social networking platform.

Not all the users can see this feature in their profiles. If you are able to see this unique feature, then you are lucky enough because Facebook is making it a restricted feature which is not applicable by all he users. It is only for internal usage. For all the other user of Facebook, all you ca do is only rely upon the old-school likes and thumbs up emoji. There are no other options for you to feed your online egos.

Facebook’s Moments App Creates Videos Automatically From Your Photos

Social media giant Facebook has recently rolled out Moments App. The social network’s recently launched photo-sharing app that aims to address the problem of getting friends to send & each other the photos they have been hoarding on their own phones, is expanding to video.

The app which is going to be a private way to send and receive photos from friends is readily available on Google Play and App Store. The app is also now available in most countries and has been translated into 34 different languages. Ideally, the Moments App can group the photos on yoru smartphone based on when it was clicked or organize the photos by friends using facial recognition technology. While adding photos of friends, Moments scans your camera roll for familiar photos and quickly syncs them. Moments app is aimed to make syncing photos quickly and easily with specific friends.

With Moments app, users can search for photos of themselves and friends and also save photos other people sync. The photos from Moments app can be shared on Facebook or Instagram and can sent directly to a contact in Messenger. The app also creates music videos from your photos automatically. The Moments app is developed by Facebook’s Creative Labs, the name behind popular Paper, Slingshot, Mentions and Hello apps. The app is now available in India and can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices.

With the update, Facebook Moments will automatically create a music video for any grouping of six or more photos. You can then tap this video in the app to customize it further by changing the included photos and selecting from about a dozen different background music options. When you’re finished making your optional edits to this video, one more tap will share the video directly to Facebook and tag the friend or friends with whom you’re already sharing those photos.

The option to automatically create a video from your shared photos also makes Facebook Moments competitive with similar services like Flipagram, or those automatically created animations that Google Photos provides through its “Assistant” feature, which also helpfully builds out stories and collages.

Facebook reaps benefits from making-video easier for its users. With video being one of teh fastest-growing categories on the social networking sites, there are over 4 billion videos views on a daily-basis. This is an indication of the fact that it is feasible to sell a wider range of video ads, which is why the network  has been doubling down on video as of late with new features like improved video analytics, live streaming, ‘Watch Later’ buttons etc. to highlight the best videos.

Moments is actually smartly solving one of the age-old challenges smartphone users have faced – you want to get a copy of photos your friend took, but they forget to send them. You then have to bug them to text you, email you, or AirDrop the photos the next time you see them. Facebook Moments makes it much easier, as it instead allows you to privately sync photos from your phone to others, and it uses a combination of date and time stamps, location as well  facial recognition to group photos into collections you can share.

Brand Promotion Via Facebook – World Confederation for Physical Therapy – WCPT (Example 3)

They are a non profit organization with the objective of creating high standards in physical therapy. This would include educating people, and creating high standards in physical therapy research as well as creating a certain quality of practice. The WCPT represent over 350,000 therapists through its 106 members organization. Like WHO, they have also taken a certain interest to promote themselves via Facebook. Through this platform, they have taken a further step in creating particular awareness, increase their exposure to optimal level, and create opportunities. Through the posts and comments, people have got a better understanding, and have the ability to have a direct interaction with the people working at WCPT. As well, other forms of marketing channels have a focus on certain age groups, but through Facebook, it allows them to target all ages, and create a fun environment for people to become knowledgeable.

Brand Promotion Via Facebook – Apollo Hospitals (Example 2)

Created in 1983, Apollo Hospitals has not only managed to increase their market share but also create awareness, via social media, in particular, through Facebook. Through this portal, they have had the opportunity to to educate people about various illnesses, procedures and health issues. With various videos, they have given examples of patients giving personal testaments about their experiences. As well, the number of people who have been commenting, sharing their thoughts, as increased over time. Apollo has also managed to keep discussions interactive, by having one on one Q/A’s. They have managed to reach people of all ages, especially the youngsters through Facebook in a successful manner. They have managed to create 54 hospitals across the globe and one of the largest in Asia. Facebook has been a very pivotal platform with regards to their success as it has allowed them to keep up with today’s society.

Brand Promotion Via Facebook – WHO (Example 1)

1. World Health Organization (WHO)
Founded in 1948, the WHO is the United Nations agency for health worldwide. Their main objective has been in providing leadership on world health matters, setting norms and standards, and setting health trends. Using Facebook as a social media platform, WHO has been able to make sure that they use any means to create awareness with regards to health matters. Through their Facebook page, WHO has attracted various people, and helping them learn ways to protect them from various illnesses, and make them aware of the new diseases. Having looked at the comments and discussions, people have taken a keen interest in knowing about health matters, and this is only increasing. Many people have heard of WHO, but through Facebook, they are getting a direct and interactive way of learning about what WHO is all about. As well as educating people, it’s been an important way for WHO to create a certain brand awareness.

Facebook Community of Daves Travel Corner

Daves travel corner is a community focusing on experiential travel; where the readers are actively interested in a wide range of travel topics. Dave began Dave’s Travel Corner in late 1996 as a result of of a life-changing trip to Nepal in which he trekked near Everest Base Camp.

Daves travel corner effectively uses fb for promotions by way of having created a community with interesting posts, pictures, engaging with friends, diverting links to the site davestravelcorner.com.

A good level of engagement with other travel pages, bloggers. Generates content thro his contributors and uses fb as an effective engagement tool. Community created in Feb 2011, has 875 subscribers and 2250+ friends.

Though the FB community generates core content from select contributors, they could have attempted a better user engagement.

Effective use of Facebook usage for Content Development Score : 3/5 Stars



What Amway did to increase sales and lead generation in Facebook?



It seems only natural that Amway – built on networking during the last 50 years – should welcome the social media age with great enthusiasm. But turning a juggernaut of its scale into an efficiently run social media enterprise had its global team dealing with a number of obstacles.


The brand focused on how it can best leverage Facebook to help open doors for its global network of sellers. It embarked on a country-by-country process, including 25 Facebook brand pages focused on specific cultures.

Michael Edwards, director of digital and experi­ential marketing for the company, explained the importance of localizing the pages in terms of language, customs, and merchandise.

“Being locally relevant is the main reason why a company like ours needs a unique Facebook foot­print in many markets,” Edwards said.

For instance, he said, in parts of South Asia and Southeast Asia, skin-whitening cosmetics are among Amway’s most popular products. Edwards added that the products “have been researched, formulated and promoted to target a demographic for which skin pigmentation [is an important consideration]. So on the Thailand page, the tips, promotions, expert commentary, and posts will often…address this unique skin issue – just like our products do. Again, it’s targeting our content so it’s relevant and valuable to our many different audi­ences in different regions.”

A team of roughly 30 staffers was put on social media marketing for Amway. While regional offices manage some of its Facebook pages, the firm’s international team has overseen the others.

Half of Amway’s direct sellers are under the age of 30 in Australia. There, they’ve developed a social media character, “Zac,” to be a voice for the brand’s social media efforts. The character supports direct-selling competitions on Facebook, engages event attendees on the site, and evangelizes about how social media can help individual sellers’ marketing and networking efforts. For instance Zac informs Facebook users about how to create groups on the platform to discuss business matters.

Multiple people from Amway’s Australia/New Zealand division manage how the character inter­acts with his audience while posting items like photos of events put on by the brand. The same social media staffers author wall posts in the name of Amway. One from July 2011: “Happy WORLD SOCIAL MEDIA DAY! To celebrate we have come up with some exclusive offers for our Facebook fans! Simply enter the VS of the product directly into your shopping basket. Offers apply to Australia online orders only, while stocks last. BUY NOW.


Marketers can learn plenty from Amway’s worldwide Facebook organizational skills.

“Facebook helps us tell that story like no other global platform ever has,” said Edwards. “We have always – and still do – send our executives and our distributor leaders all over the world to meet distributors at every level of the business, whether they received a starter kit yesterday or 25 years ago. Now we have a way to do that online. It’s transformative for us because we can provide a global view…. It is a technology that connects the global, regional and local dots.”

How a e-retailer generated its sales through Facebook?



Payvment Shopping Mall, a Facebook e-commerce player, was suffering from the same plight as many other brands on Facebook – the like button was not driving sales.

“We have always had the like button on every single product from all 150,000 of our sellers,” said Payvment CEO Christian Taylor. “Essentially the like button never worked for shopping.”


When Facebook began letting developers create other action buttons on the social site during October 2011, Pavyment jumped on board, implementing “want” and “own” buttons before the holidays. The company – modeled after Amazon – put the new buttons next to its hundreds of thousands of SKUs. Then, Taylor and his team sat back and waited for the data.


After implementing want and own buttons, Payvment saw customers rise from 500,000 to 1.1 million during November and December 2011 without making an ad buy.

The holidays certainly helped achieve such growth, Taylor admitted. But he said the “want” and “own” buttons dramatically spread the word about his business. When Facebook users tap the buttons, the action appears in their friends’ news feed or news ticker.

“Without a doubt, likes dropped significantly,” Tay­lor said. “What we see now is people creating wish lists.”

When asked if the buttons were increasing sales, the CEO replied, “Oh, without a doubt.”