Best Courses After 12th | Top Career Options After 12th

What best courses after 12th are available for me?

If you are reading this article, there’s a likelihood that it is the time of April or May when you are preparing for your 12th class exams. Thinking about what to do after 12th comes along with anxiety attacks. You decide to clear your head and sort ‘what to do with your life now’. Here comes the rescue: List of Best Courses after

Best Courses After 12th

We have aggregated best courses to do after 12th on the basis of streams, job prospects, and professional courses that are in demand. Let’s get started…


The field which covers the economic part of the political, technological, legal, and social aspects. There are few fields of specializations but are very challenging and demanding. Commerce includes activities of exchange the goods, money, and services between the companies and persons.

1. (Bachelor of Commerce)

This is a degree course done by a vast number of students after their class 12th. B.Com degree gives you a complete overview of the overall business scenario including buying and selling of goods. You can make a career in fields like management, accounts, and finance.

2. Law

Law is the only degree course provided in India in legal education and is, therefore, the most popular course among students. It covers the civil litigation, legal analysis, and document drafting. This requires years of education and practice to become a well-established lawyer.


One of the most popular fields among the students is management. It involves regulation and maintenance of an organization’s administration and functioning. There are various specializations and disciplines which also provides opportunities for global courses after 12th

1. BBA

One of the most common business oriented course is BBA which helps the students understand the foundation of business and overall management process. If you are looking towards making a career in the management field, then this is the option you can opt for.

2. MBA

Doing masters in business administration is one of the most respected job fields, however, with high competition. If you opt for this field, you will learn about planning, organizing, strategizing, implementation, administration, control as well as structure of any business.

3. Event Management

It deals with planning and organizing events that could be competition, festivals, ceremonies, parties, concerts etc. It is a growing and demanding management fields.

4. Retail Management

There are a lot of malls, shopping centers, multiplexes, plazas, and other shopping spots, therefore, retail management is one of the fastest growing fields right now. It involves dealing with storing, management, customer satisfaction, logistics, and more.

5. International Business

The business today is not limited up to the national boundaries. It is conducted globally across the nation boundaries. Due to the rapid rise in the global business, there is an increase in various MNCs and reputed organizations looking for specialized management students.


Engineering deals with machines, devices, material, system, improve, process, build, invent, design, and maintain. There are a lot of engineering branch for you to choose from like computer science & engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering etc.

Here’s a little summary of the popular branches in science field:

1. Computer science

This area covers a lot of information about computer and its processes. Some of the popular work fields in CSE are software development, web designing, core programming, networking, database management, etc.

2. Civil Engineering

The most reputed and oldest field is Civil Engineering. One who opts for this field has to use scientific and physical principles for the overall development of the society. Of course, the physical structures are an important part of it. For instance, the art, design & construction of ports, township, buildings, roads, and more.

3. Mechanical Engineering

This branch involves the design, analysis, manufacturing, and maintenance of a mechanical system. There are opportunities to work in the field of service, development, manufacturing, and production as an engineer.

4. Electrical Engineering

This field of engineering provides knowledge of distribution and utilization of energy. There is an opportunity to work with the electrical equipment manufacturing companies, and  power grid systems.

5. Electronics & Communication Engineering

It is one of the fastest growing disciplines of engineering that focuses on information technology and chip level hardware. Knowledge of software application and electronics devices is given. The software and telecom industries have ECE experts.

Medical & Science

One of the most asked queries relates to the medical field. The medical field is a highly job oriented, top paid, respectable, and challenging one. Most often students choose to become a well-qualified doctor, but this field offers a vast number of career opportunities other than MBBS Doctor. You can work in research laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, healthcare sector and

1. MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

The most popular degree in the field of medical is MBBS. With bachelor’s degree, you carry the term ‘doctor’ before your name. Students are taught about the methods of surgery, drug formulation and its effects, pharmaceutical chemistry, medicine, human cytology, and human anatomy.

2. BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)

Equivalent to an MBBS degree, this medical educational field and professional domain teach students about dental surgery, dental problems, and denture. Being a job oriented degree, there are many job options available in hospitals, medical device manufacturing industries, and more.

3. Physiotherapy

This field relates to the therapy that helps people to rehabilitate the temporary disable people. If you opt for this job, you can go for jobs in hospitals or do private practice.

4. Pharmacy

One of the most popular career choices after 12th science is Pharmacy. Since there is a heavy requirement of well-qualified pharmacists in pharmaceutical industries, colleges, and hospitals. The course involves subjects like research & development, chemistry, drug indication & contraindication, new drugs development, analysis of chemical & drugs, pharmaceutical chemistry, etc.

Arts & Humanities

There are a variety of career-oriented courses in the arts & humanities field which a student regardless of its background, can pursue after class 12th. The field provides unique and interesting career options after 12th like photography, painting, choreography, cultural art, animation, media, and movie.

1. Animation

Popular among the art students, animation is one of the most creative fields which provides ample career and job opportunities. This field involves the creation of objects with computer graphics. The most popular courses are 2D and 3D animation. You can be a part of cartoon industries, animation, ad making companies, movies making and other digital works after completing this course.Literary art

2. Literary art

If you are imaginative, creative and are able to beautifully convert your thoughts into textual form, then this is the field for you. This aspect of art includes poetry, novel-writing, short stories, epics, writing and script writing.

3. Mass Communication

The field of journalism, ads, films, and media is covered under mass communication. There are professional degrees and diploma courses which provide good job opportunities. You can find jobs in tv shows, news channels, anchoring, journalism etc.

4. Performing Arts

There is involvement of all the studies and activities relating to the dance, singing, theater, music, comedy, choreography, martial art, editing, direction and more. This field of career fits perfect for those who wish to establish a career in the field of film and entertainment industry.

5. Hotel Management

There are a lot of opportunities to work when it comes to hotel management industry. This is a professional work in the service sector which involves management of bar, catering, kitchen, services, desk, and hospitality. Some of the popular specializations are chef and manager.

Professional Job-Oriented Courses After 12th

These professional courses will help you explore best career options after 12th:

1. Digital Marketing Course

While all other industries are struggling to attain a growth rate of 8-10%, the digital marketing industry is booming at a rate of 40%. Therefore, there are a lot of high paid job opportunities available for students hailing from any stream. Digital Marketing is the promotion of products or services via online platforms.

Read: Why Digital Marketing Course is for me?

Marketing is all online now which means ultimately, everyone has to have a knowledge of digital marketing field. Thereby, doing a professional digital marketing course will not only help you fetch a good job but also, grow your own job or business.

  • Less explored, more scope and job opportunities with no prior educational requirement

best courses after 12th

2. CA (Chartered Accountancy)

The core activity of any business, Chartered Accountancy is a specialized field. If you opt for CA as a career field, you need to deal with the financial management and financial audits of an organization. You have to be a member of ICAI (Indian Chartered Accountants Institute) and work in the field of auditing, cost accounting, tax management, management accounting, consultancy  etc.

  • High academic challenges but good salary packages

3. CS (Company Secretary)

Just like Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary is a corporate professional course that deals with the legal activities of any business. Their role is to keep the records, tax returns, evaluate the legal aspects, and advice the organization.

  • Rigorous training and chance to work in brands or big ventures

4. Architecture

Professionals with a Bachelor of Architecture are in great demand due to the booming of real estate markets architects. Therefore, taking the B. Arch course after 12th, candidates will have to take the NATA examination. However, the only constraint is that only science students can apply for this course.

  • Many job opportunities but only science students can apply


Deciding on future career options could be a task. However, with the continuous development and progression, there are new fields emerging like Digital Marketing where students from any field can apply and land in a satisfactory job.

Got questions about any specific field? Or wish to explore more career opportunities? Feel free to drop your queries in the comment section below.

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HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification: What, Why, & How

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a subset of digital marketing where marketing tactics are used in order to bring potential customers to you rather than you having to put in your marketing efforts to grab their attention.inbound-marketing-infographic

Inbound Marketing is all about creating and sharing the content with the people out there. The specially designed content is to appeal the wishes of your customers, inbound attracts qualified prospects to your business and keeps them coming back for more.

Upcoming Inbound Marketing Trends 2016-2017

Here are top 3 inbound marketing trends that you will see in the upcoming year:

1. User-generated content is in demand

Companies that are putting more efforts in the maintaining a stable content marketing strategy are going to generate more leads. In fact, Twitter has started doing this. Another example of user-generated content that could be seen is Starbucks and their white cup contest.

2. Guest blogging won’t help in SEO

We have always looked up to Guest blogs as a useful way of tapping into someone else’s audience. However, the trend has changed. For SEO purposes, guest blogs are a thing of past now.

3. Say yes to Marketing Analytics

Seeing the trends, it is safe to assume that 2016 has been the year of analytics. Most of the marketers (the smart ones) are spending their time figuring out what users want.

Inbound Marketing is on a rise and in the future, it is going to have the biggest share in the digital marketing strategy.Inbound-Marketing-Infographic-final

Why not leverage this opportunity and get HubSpot Inbound Marketing certified?

What will you learn from this blog?

Through this blog, you will get answers to the following question:

  • What is the Inbound Marketing Certification course?
  • Why get certified?
  • Who should get certified?
  • How to get inbound certified?
  • Course content
  • What will you get after passing the exam?

Inbound Certification Course: What is it?

The Inbound Certification Course covers all the fundamentals of the Inbound Marketing methodology. You can learn about blogging, SEO, lead nurturing, landing pages, conversion analysis, and reporting comes together in order to form a modern inbound marketing strategy.

You will be HubSpot Inbound Certified once you will pass the certification exam with at least 75%. The duration of the exam is 75 minutes, the number of questions you will have to attempt is 60. One good point is that there is no negative marking in this exam, so you should attempt all the questions even if you are dicey on a few.

Why is Inbound Certification worth it?

You will get an opportunity to join a community of more than 30,000 actively inbound certified marketers. By introducing you to the Inbound Marketing methodology, you will be able to grow your business and career.

Once you get certified, you will learn how to create content marketing that attracts people, lead nurturing, high-converting landing pages, and customer delight.

Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

Why should I do it?

1. Students

There is a large chunk of students opting for Inbound Marketing Certification due to the job and internship opportunities.

2. Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur and don’t know what Inbound Marketing is? After this certification, you will know the hacks and tricks to build the Inbound businesses from the ground up.

3. Non-marketers

Those who wish to establish their careers in the most satisfying jobs can learn the Inbound Marketing methodology and get certified.

4. Marketers

Marketers can polish their content or digital marketing skill sets.

How to get HubSpot Inbound Certified?

Here are steps to give the Inbound Marketing Exam:

1. Sign up

You will need to sign up for a complimentary HubSpot account. If you are already a paying customer, then you will just have to log in and look under the Academy tab.

2. Take classes

Before you give your test, you will have to take your classes and resources. Once you are prepared for your certification exam, give the test!

3. Pass the exam

For taking your certification exam, you have to register for it. You can also track your grade within your HubSpot account and when you have passed, you will get a HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification!

What will you get after passing the exam?

You just passed your Inbound Marketing exam! But what after this? You can throw that black hat in the sky or throw a graduation party! Wait, just kidding.

The personalized badge and certificate that you will receive are hundred times more valuable than a party or a hat. You can display the Inbound Certification in a multitude of ways. You can add it your LinkedIn profile, email signature, and your website. Why not get a print out and hang it on your desk proudly?Get-Hubspot-Inbound-Marketing-Certified-620x330

If you are searching for a job, the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification in your resume will increase the chances of you getting hired.

Benefits of being Inbound Marketing Certified

  • No other marketing branch can claim more rigorous testing.
  • Certification is definitely a tie-breaker if you are looking for work.
  • You will be at the top since the growth and scope in inbound marketing are immense.
  • If you are a certified Inbound Marketing Manager, you will be tougher to be replaced or out-sourced to a non-certified person.
  • The certification will be a proof to your prospects and customers that you know all about delivering exceptional marketing ROI.

The HubSpot Inbound Certification is a free online marketing exam that is open to anyone and everyone.

If you are a business owner, CEO, student, or professional marketer then the Inbound Certification puts you on the top of the updated and latest trends in the dynamic world of inbound marketing.

See the big picture of how Inbound Certification is going to help you to attract visitors, convert the leads, nurture and delight customers into promoters.

You can become an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional in a matter of few days!

Resources to learn Inbound Marketing

1. HubSpot Resources

HubSpot provides comprehensive videos from where you can learn Inbound Marketing and give the exam. However, there is only one drawback i.e., there is no opportunity to get practical knowledge.

2. Training Institutes for Inbound Marketing Exam

There are a few high-quality institutes that offer Inbound Marketing Certification Course.

There are two types of courses:

  • CIMM (Certified Inbound Marketing Master)
  • CIMP (Certified Inbound Marketing Professional)

It is a one-month long training where you will learn everything related to Inbound Marketing.

Course syllabus for HubSpot Inbound Marketing

Looking for what all you will learn? Here’s the full course syllabus:

1. Attract prospects into conversion funnel

You will be able to learn how Inbound Marketing’s different phases of implementation and how one can generate the ‘pull factor’.

2. Convert the potential customers to leads via emails

You will learn how to aggregate audience and impact their thinking to generate high-quality leads.

3. Turn traffic to leads

You will hands-on the latest techniques of website optimization and landing page designing.

4. Nurture the leads using emails

Once you have knowledge on what and how of Inbound Marketing, you will learn about marketing automation, and how to use drip email marketing for lead qualification and nurturing.Inbound-methodology

Why choose Digital Vidya?

Learning without practice is of no use and most of the resources out there only help you with theoretical concepts.

Here are some of the points you should consider:

  • The HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification course offered by Digital Vidya not only helps in building your basic inbound marketing concepts but also helps you get hands-on experience with the tactics and techniques of inbound marketing.
  • There will be experts to guide you.  There will be live instructor-led sessions (12 hours).
  • 1-month Research-based Internship.
  • Placement Assistance.
  • 24×7 Q & A Support.
  • There will be a huge number of case studies, exercises, and the hands-on project.

Want to prepare and pass the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification? Join Inbound Marketing Training

Already taken the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification exam? We would love to hear your experience.

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Top 10 Mobile Marketing Course Institutes In India & Abroad

With the ever-increasing use of mobile phones, it is evident that these devices are more than a luxury nowadays! In India, the mobile market is expanding at a fast pace which has resulted in the significant augmentation of mobile internet advertising segment. The rising number of mobile phones and smartphone users in India is the resultant factor of an upsurge in the mobile internet usage in the country. Moreover, mobile phone devices are primarily being cashed upon by the marketers to reach out to the consumers who are difficult to reach, traditionally.Mobile Marketing Users

Here are certain statistical implications of mobile internet users in India:

  • 130 million: that’s the current estimate of mobile internet users in India
  • 250 million: expected number of Indian mobile internet users by 2015
  • 30%: ad inventory growth on the BuzzCity Network in India over the past year
  • 861 million: total number of mobile phones in India (second highest in the world, behind China)
  • 10%: the percentage of Indian mobile users who now have smartphones

Interestingly, it is likely to be expected that there are going to be more smartphones than human beings around the world. Furthermore, the constant connect of the consumers with mobile is a great indicator for mobile marketers.

According to a Jan’15 report by GlobalWebIndex, over 80% of adult Internet users own a Smartphone suggesting that 2015 will be the year when the number of Smartphone owners will surpass the Desktop/Laptop users. According to a recent Mobility Report by Ericsson, the number of mobile subscriptions in India is expected to reach to 1.4 billion by 2020. Another report by eMarketer states that global Mobile Ad Spend will hit the milestone of US$ 100 billion in 2016 accounting for more than 50% of all digital ad expenditure.

Let us have a look at the emerging trends worldwide and in India:

Worldwide Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing India

Do you know why is mobile marketing required? Even if you don’t, the video will give answers to your queries:

Having said that and highlighted the need for mobile marketing, there is surely an urging requirement for institutes that offer knowledge of what mobile marketing is all about! In the same frame of light, enlisted below are the comprehensive set of Top 10 mobile marketing course institutes that are prevailing in India:

Digital Vidya

One of Asia’s leading Digital Marketing education firms, Digital Vidya has been successfully offering training in different modules of digital marketing since 2009. Accredited as being the first and foremost to launch social media marketing workshop series in India, Digital Vidya has groomed over 6,000 professionals (including CXOs) hailing from over 3,000 brands, viz. Nokia, Google, Naukri etc. to name a few. Recently, they have become Google India and Microsoft’s official training partner to train their agencies. Adding to the list of certification courses offered in exclusive association with Vskills, a Govt. Of India initiative, Digital Vidya has recently launched Certified Mobile Marketing Master (CMMM) course which going to be 3-month instructor-led online training programme. This programme will help to understand and experience the opportunity of mobile marketing for any organization.


NIIT is offering Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing through a syllabus which is focused on the current prevailing trends, case studies including practical exercises so as to enable participants to produce innovative and creative mobile strategies. The prime objective of this course is to understand the various channels and activities required to plan, implement and manage a comprehensive mobile marketing plan.

Digital Marketing Institute

Yet another institute that offers mobile marketing training is Digital Marketing Institute under the name: Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing. Considering that mobile is the next big fastest growing thing, the Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing will turn out to be beneficial for professionals responsible for planning, execution or measurement of mobile marketing campaigns and those who wish to establish their career in this domain.

Market Motive  

Market Motive is a well-established platform that offers learnings in online marketing from the best-selling authors and established industry professionals. The attendees of this course will not only get to learn what mobile marketing is but also understand mobile devices, core mobile products and service offerings, mobile advertising and search, how to combine mobile with other channels, build their careers in mobile marketing and much more.

Social Media Academy

Established in the year 2010, Social Media Academy has been actively involved in offering online professional development and certification programmes to those who wish to make a mark in the digitized world. The 6-module online mobile marketing course will cover aspects viz. mobile websites, mobile apps, SMS or text servicing, mobile marketing strategy, mobile & social.

Digital Academy India

Digital Academy India which is another Digital Marketing training course institute headquartered in Delhi has been recently acquired by the pioneers in digital marketing fraternity- Digital Vidya. Even though the two have come together but both the brands will continue to co-exist as they offer uniquely different marketing training programmes, stated Pradeep Chopra, CEO, Digital Vidya.

The mobile marketing course offered by Digital Academy India will enable the participants to understand the revolution in mobile marketing landscape and how do consumers use mobile marketing.

Boot Camp Digital 

The mobile marketing course offered by Boot Camp Digital readily enables the participants to understand precisely how mobile is changing the marketing scenario. Besides this, this mobile marketing course will help to discover ways to optimize web, advertising, email and social strategy so as to reach out to the mobile consumers.

Online Marketing Institute

In the era of mobile revolution, the need of the hour is to learn and acquaint with the knowledge and skill-sets required to surpass the competing firm. Mobile marketing classes by OMI will teach the students to drive success through areas of mobile responsive design, mobile apps, SMS, QR Codes and much more beyond that. Besides, it will also help you to learn how to remain on top of the social media platforms through mobile marketing oriented techniques.

Mobile Marketing Association

The Mobile Marketing Association or the MMA as it is profoundly known as is world’s leading global non-profit trade association comprised of more than 800 member companies, from nearly fifty countries around the world. With a view to accelerate transformation and innovation of marketing through mobile, driving business growth with closer and stronger consumer engagement, MMA offers the Mobile Certified Marketer programme.

Another platform that readily offers learnings in mobile marketing domain is The attendees of this course will gain understanding of basic mobile marketing concepts and trends, develop strategical inputs on what will work for a particular set of business. Furthermore, it will help to not only implement but also optimize the strategy based on the industry practices and techniques.

So, make a wise choice and leverage upon the lucrative opportunity to learn and grasp knowledge of mobile marketing and choose the best mobile marketing training course institute.